Local Artist Corner- Sinc the Loser Wins Big


For many artists, music is used to expressed some of their deepest, most raw emotions. From blues to rap to pop, every genre uses music as a vehicle to share an artist’s innermost thoughts with a larger audience. Far Rockaway’s Sinc the Loser is no exception. He uses hip hop and rap to share his story as well as his pain with his listeners. The results? Two albums filled with heart wrenching and eerily beautiful songs, inviting the audience to look under the surface of his tumultuous world.

Born in Trinidad, Sinc had a difficult home life that provided some of the foundation for his music. His father left his family as a young child, prompting Sinc to resent him and harbor anger at others who had their fathers in their lives. He speaks about his father “missing out” on his story while he was growing up and how his father’s multiple families gave Sinc many relatives, yet a feeling of not belonging. Sinc’s relationship with his mother suffered from his own feelings of being out of control, yet his mother was always by his side, no matter how often he tried to push her away.

After settling in Far Rockaway as a teenager, Sinc tried to fit into his new country, but his thick Trinidadian accent made him stick out. His moniker, Sinc, is an acronym for “Sorry I’m Not Cool”, stemming from his sense of “otherness” due to his heritage. However, with a new name, Sinc transformed himself through his music. He started producing music at age 16 and the process was cathartic for him. His first album “K” is a self-described “well-organized temper tantrum”. In it, Sinc discusses how he dealt with multiple deaths, including that of his best friend/co-producer and an ex-girlfriend. His anger and depression are apparent and the album takes the listener on a journey through his emotions with each song providing insight to Sinc’s failing grip on reality. Anyone who’s lost someone close will be able to relate to his pain.

His second album, “Pink”, provides a more mature look at Sinc’s losses and highlights the artist’s path to understanding and acceptance. While there are still signs of his internal anger, the album explores the intense emotions from his first album with the tempering effect of time.

Sinc the Loser captures the pain of growing up in a broken home, feelings of not belonging, and death and turn it into unnervingly beautiful soundscapes and vocals. Don’t believe us? Check out Sinc the Loser for yourself on Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, Youtube, and more!