Trooper Tikey Uses Music to Test the Limits

At 21 years old, how many of us could say we founded an entertainment company, produced and rapped on multiple albums, met Rick Ross, and earned a college degree? Well for Far Rockaway’s Tyquan Robinson, aka Trooper Tikey, these achievements barely scrape the surface of his list of accomplishments.

Describing his style as “experimental” and “eerie”, Trooper Tikey uses music and art to express himself and give his listeners an insider’s view of Far Rockaway. His path to music began back in middle school. When offered the opportunity to join his cousin’s dance group, young Tikey quickly realized dance was not in his future and turned to producing to focus his mind and keep himself out of trouble. Little did he know that this decision would lead to years of hard work and success.


Partnering with his best friend and fellow artist, KingYungGio, the Far Rockaway native has spent the better part of a decade honing his craft. After discovering his passion for music in middle school, it was at the prodding of KingYungGio that Tikey stepped in front of the mic. His rapping was further encouraged by an influential teacher at Far Rockaway High School that dedicated space in the school for him to record. Tikey thanks and attributes his success to the support he’s received from his community.

While music is a huge part of his life, Trooper Tikey also has his eyes set on growing his company, Degenerate Militia, into a successful, multifaceted organization. Growing up, Tikey looked to Kanye West as an inspiration. He admired the way West can move so fluidly between producing, rapping, and fashion designing. Through his company’s work, he hopes to one day be a trendsetter for the culture. And he’s not that far away. After he dropped his single “Fame” last year, he created a line of t-shirts influenced by the song. The success of the single and the merchandise made it clear for Tikey that he was on the right track.

One thing that defines Trooper Tikey is his belief that artists don’t need to contort themselves to appease major labels. Like Chance the Rapper, Trooper Tikey takes pride in his independent status. Even more so, by founding Degenerate Militia, he’s actively paving his own path to success, without being influenced by larger corporations. He’s able to stay true to himself and his community, without having to report to a label, who may not see his artistry in the same light.

When asked what he’d want to tell his listeners about himself and what advice he’ give to others, Tikey said, “It’s okay to be open minded and it’s okay to express yourself without the fear that other people will get mad at you. There’s always gonna be those people who doubt you, but for others sometimes all they need is to hear something from someone else’s point of view.” He also had a request for his listeners, “I hope people become more strategic and business minded. There are people who will count you out before you even get started. It doesn’t have to be that way.” At the Rockaway Advocate, we can’t agree enough. Trooper Tikey will be performing in Elmhurst at Blackthorn 51 on September 20th. He’s also releasing a new project on September 29th. You can also find Trooper Tikey on Soundcloud, SpotifyYoutube, and Apple Music.