December 3, 2021
Biden’s meeting with China’s Xi appeasement on all levels

Biden’s meeting with China’s Xi appeasement on all levels

Will it’s the Stars & Stripes or a white flag of give up behind Joe Biden tonight as he meets just about with Chinese language Communist Social gathering Normal Secretary Xi Jinping?  

Right here is learn how to handicap this…

Joe Biden is contemporary on the heels of weakening metal and aluminum tariffs on the Europeans. From Wall Street to K Street, lobbyists are pushing Biden to decrease or drop the tariffs on Communist China. These tariffs had been imposed by President Donald John Trump as a method of combating China’s “Seven Deadly Sins.”

China’s Seven Lethal Sins

  1. Mental property theft
  2. Drive expertise switch
  3. Cyber hacking
  4. Dumping
  5. Predatory state-owned enterprises
  6. Foreign money manipulation
  7. Distributors to Individuals of lethal fentanyl

These sins embody mental property theft, power expertise switch, cyber hacking, dumping, predatory state-owned enterprises, foreign money manipulation and killing Individuals with lethal fentanyl. China continues to commit all of those lethal sins, but the White Home is signaling a unilateral give up on the tariffs — this regardless of widespread public assist for the tariffs.


Search for Biden to capitulate underneath the false flag of controlling inflation — and for our commerce deficit to soar with China on the expense of financial progress and 0 impression on the inflation charge. Bear in mind right here that President Trump imposed tariffs with just about no impression on inflation.


Communist China has introduced Hong Kong to heel. Utilizing the pandemic as a defend, the jackboots of Beijing locked Hong Kong protesters of their residences after which took their prize — as the USA stood by. Now Folks’s Liberation Military‘s weapons and missiles are geared toward Taiwan.

With President Trump’s “peace through strength doctrine” shelved now in favor of Biden’s harmful Neville Chamberlain appeasement strategy, search for Munich Biden to skate round this problem and permit Xi to rattle his Taiwan sword with none pushback. Look, too, for Joe Biden to be as muzzled as Lebron James on the difficulty of human rights abuses and genocide of the Uighurs in Xinjiang Province. Actually the stain of our instances.

Observe to Joe and the Pentagon: Communist China will not be a “competitor” or “pacing challenge.”  It’s an existential menace waging financial and cyberwar upon us whereas it readies for hypersonic armed battle within the Taiwan Strait.

With the pandemic exhibiting no indicators of slowing and with the virus persevering with to quickly mutate, it has grow to be more and more clear that the virus originated in a P4 bio-weapons lab in Wuhan. It could nicely have been genetically engineered — not with out irony — utilizing American taxpayer {dollars} and gain-of-function experimentation applied sciences offered by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Nationwide Institutes of Well being.

When Australia demanded the world maintain China accountable for the virus, Xi Jinping got here down on Down Underneath like Thor’s Hammer. Biden ought to demand China come clear on the virus and its origins. This can be a virus that, in accordance with my calculations, has imposed over $20 trillion in prices on the American financial system and killed over 600,000 US residents. So far, Biden has prevented the lab leak problem solely and can doubtless proceed to take action — it’s the disgrace of our time.

The Beijing Winter Olympics provide a golden alternative for Biden to exert stress on Communist China on all of those points. But, just like the NFL and NBA commissioners who’ve remained silent on Communist China’s human rights abuses to feather their leagues’ nests, Biden is unlikely to go down this path as nicely. Actually a missed alternative.

Lastly, on the difficulty of local weather change, Biden is prone to make a speech with overtures to China designed to placate progressives and the left. Any such overtures will doubtless be met with stonechilly silence from the one largest polluter on the planet and a rustic that can contribute extra to world warming over the subsequent a number of a long time than the U.S. and Europe mixed.

Say my predictions ain’t so tonight, Joe, and you’ll have an opportunity to reverse your plummeting ballot numbers. Do precisely what I’ve predicted, and also you quickly will be a part of Neville Chamberlain within the ash heap of appeasement historical past. Right here, towards the again drop of Hong Kong and Taiwan, we should bear in mind what Churchill famously stated upon Chamberlain’s return from signing the Munich Pact with Germany: “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.”

Peter Navarro is the previous Assistant to the President for Commerce and Manufacturing Coverage within the Trump Administration and writer of In Trump Time: a Journal of America’s Plague Year.  (All Seasons Press).

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