5 Reasons to Join the Rockaway Youth Task Force!


1. Make an Impact on Your Community! 

In 2012 when Superstorm Sandy hit the Rockaways, the Rockaway Youth Task Force was one of the first youth run organizations on the scene. When FEMA took too long to aid certain buildings and residents, RYTF was able to provide food and water to those in need. In addition, we have a huge impact on youth in our community. Our Leadership Course provides top notch training to young people in our neighborhoods and after completion, they are better prepared to lead change in the Rockaways and beyond!

2. Experience New Things! 

Have you been to the Poconos Mountains? Have you ever had dinner with a state senator? Have you participated in large scale rallies and had your picture in the newspaper? If not, ask our members what it feels like. As a member of RYTF, you will get the opportunity to be exposed to many once in a lifetime type of experiences. Our organization has been a part of huge movements and our local politicians recognize our impact and want to support our work.

3. Be Surrounded by Excellence!

How many people do you know that have been featured in The New Yorker magazine? How many people do you know that have Proclamations from the Mayor of NYC? Have you ever met anyone who’s ran for a political office? These will be your peers once you join RYTF. Our youthful staff and members have a ton of achievements under their belts and they are continuously recognized for their hard work throughout the city!

4. Think About Your Future

Whether you see yourself in heading off to college after high school or entering the workforce, volunteering will look good on any resume! Volunteering with RYTF shows the world that you’re are an independent, advocacy focused young person who is a member of a well-respected youth organization. Having RYTF on your resume means that you are a highly trained, committed, forward thinking young person. Being an active member in our organization will prepare you to be an asset to any college or workplace and will give you a leg up on the competition.

5. We’re Pretty Chill!

RYTF is an organization built by and for young people. We capitalize on our high energy, dedication, and “anything is possible” attitude in order to create a space that is innovative, effective, and fun at the same time. Our office has a space for members to hang out and relax and we’re always hosting events in the garden. We firmly believe in the saying, “work hard, play hard”!

If you’re interested in joining or want to learn more, contact us for more information!