A New Vision

Across television screens, social media, and on the front pages of newspapers, tensions between police and Black communities are at a point where we can no longer be silent. And with the increase in shootings in our community, it's time to speak up and speak out. That's why I'm running for 101st Precinct Council President.  

As Member Coordinator of the Rockaway Youth Task Force, I have a strong and successful track record of community engagement, youth development, and capacity building. For over two years, I've expanded the size, scope, and reach of the only youth led nonprofit organization in Rockaway. With this experience, I pledge to strengthen the 101st Precinct Council Explorer's Program. I envision that this program will improve relations between police and youth, an absolute priority in our underserved community.

 The first step is to solidify our Precinct Council. Over the next two years, I'd strengthen our fundraising efforts by getting 501c3 status for this group. Next, I'd work closely and intentionally with the 100th Precinct Council, and use best practices which include rotating meeting locations across the 101 Pct. Doing so offers strategic convenience to community members, and in turn, strengthens our capacity, similar to that of the 100th Precinct under the leadership of President Danny Ruscillo. The 101 Pct Council has a unique opportunity to innovate and reinforce community ties. 

With my presidency, I will reinvigorate programs, lift our image, and mend relationships. This will not be an easy task but Far Rockaway is my home, and I am committed to working with the NYPD to making our community the safest it can be. I look forward to serving as President of the 101st. Precinct Community Council.


Jazmine Outlaw

RYTF Member Coordinator 

101st Precinct Council President Candidate

Please be advised, the June meeting of the 101 Precinct Community Council has been postponed (1) week. The meeting will be held on Wednesday June 24th, 2015, 6:30 pm at 1821 Cornaga Avenue.