This past weekend a few of our members attended “Dare to Lead,” a women’s empowerment event co-hosted by Vote Run Lead and NY1 Women’s Foundation. The members, Tanishka Wiggins, Cerissa Huggins, Areej Osse and Jhada Hutchinson, along with other participants enjoyed a day full of panels, trainings and workshops that prepared them to be better leaders in their personal and professional lives. The workshops were lead by women in various positions of leadership, from businesswomen to elected officials and nonprofit professionals.


Throughout the evening, panelists spoke on issues of discrimination, work-life balance and how women are portrayed in the media. Workshops included lessons on how to create business strategies, communicate your vision and establish their presence as young leaders. Each member took away something special from the event and left with a new perspective on being an innovator.

“My favorite takeaway from the Dare2Lead event was the panel where the women shared their experiences about how they started their own businesses and showed perseverance in order to achieve their goals,” said Tanishka. “I was very fortunate to hear their testimonies and it was amazing to hear about how they kept pushing forward to reach their goals despite the obstacles that came in their way.”

“Everyone who was there were vibrant, strong women who have the ability to influence others in positive ways,” said Cerissa. “It was great to hear their personal speeches on how they got where they are and what they plan for the future.”