Expand the Rockaway Youth Task Force Community Garden

RYTF's Food Justice work began as a response to the widespread damage to the Rockaway peninsula after Superstorm Sandy. The aftermath of the storm forced many small stores and supermarkets to close, creating a severe lack of healthy food options for many residents. This prompted our members to develop a sustainable solution to provide access to locally grown, low-cost, fresh produce for all residents. The result was the successful launching of a youth-led Farm Stand in partnership with GrowNYC and the building of one of the largest youth-run Community Gardens in New York. The RYTF Community Garden sits on a half-acre lot secured through the NYC Parks Department.


Currently, the Rockaway Youth Task Force Community Garden provides:

  • Growing space for 30 Rockaway families
  • Farming and agricultural experience for more than 40 youth
  • Fresh, low cost produce to over 125 families on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, our garden has no open growing spaces and the waiting list has grown to over 50 community residents. RYTF feels that there are many viable options to expand the growing space, including reassigning underutilized land in the community. RYTF and hundreds of other residents have called on the New York City Parks Department and GreenThumb to expand the RYTF Community Garden.