Press Release: "Be Heard or Die Tryin'"

"Be Heard or Die Tryin'"
An Action to Urge 50 Cent to Support #BlackLivesMatter

ROCKAWAY, NY -- On May 16th, 2015, rapper and businessman 50 Cent will be at the Rockaway Liquor and Wine Warehouse at 113-19 Beach Channel Drive to promote Effen Vodka. As a prominent figure within the Black community, we will gather to demand that he support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Given his celebrity status, we will urge him to use his #EffenVoice to bring transformative change in Black communities. His relative silence on mass demonstrations against police brutality in New York City and across the country, is troubling. As an African American man, who has profited from rapping about poverty, crime, and institutional racism, we implore him to reinvest in communities ravaged by the same conditions he comes from.

We are trusted members of the Rockaway community and are calling upon local residents to stand with us at the Rockaway Liquor and Wine Warehouse on May 16th and 4pm.