Q52 Bus Line Extends to Beach 54th Street

The Rockaway Peninsula is a beautiful oasis amid New York City. Its long history and tightknit neighborhoods make the peninsula a haven for those who value community. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay, it’s one of the most scenic places in all of New York City. However, those benefits come at a great cost. No matter who you talk to, most residents agree that transportation in the Rockaways is lackluster at best and disastrous at worst. With only one MTA subway line, Rockaway residents are forced to play a game of Russian Roulette every time they step onto the A-Train platform. “Is this train heading to Lefferts of Mott Avenue?” The unfortunate souls heading to points west on the peninsula must also wait for an additional shuttle train at Broad Channel to reach their destination. The bus lines offer more service, but many residents are forced to take multiple buses to get off the peninsula.

The lack of service on the peninsula is disheartening, but residents have just won a major battle in the fight for transportation equality. The Q52 bus line, up until April, ran from Beach 69th street to Woodhaven Blvd. The line carries more than 5,600 riders each day and is a life line for those living on the peninsula. However, the line’s premature stop at Beach 69th street meant that residents living on the eastern end of the peninsula had to transfer lines to reach their homes. The new route extends eastward to Beach 54th street and will serve residents in the Nordeck Apartments, Arverne View Apartments, and the Ocean Bay Apartments housing complex.

While Far Rockaway residents fought for a longer extension of the Q52 route to serve points even farther east, many can celebrate this victory as a step in the right direction. In a statement from the MTA, NYC Transit Acting President Darryl Irick said, “By extending the Q52, we are offering thousands of additional customers a one-seat ride and a more seamless connection to northern and central Queens.”

Since its implementation in April, residents have had a positive reaction to the line extension. One Edgemere resident says, “Having the Q52 stop near my apartment complex means that I don’t have to worry about missing the bus at Beach 69th because the Q22 was late or having to walk 15 blocks just to get to the bus. I think this made a real difference for me and my neighbors.”

The success of the extension may encourage the MTA to be more receptive to Rockaway’s transportation needs. As of now, the next major transportation project will be the implementation of the Select Bus Service along the Q52 and Q53 lines. Full SBS service is expected in 2020.