Youth Graduate to Junior Membership!

On Saturday, 18 youth graduated from the inaugural Leadership Course! These young adults between the ages of 15 through 25 are now Junior Members of the Rockaway Youth Task Force!

The Leadership Course is a newly designed prerequisite for Junior Membership. The 8 week series introduces potential members to the expectations, purpose and mission of the organization. Participants are challenged to think critically about socioeconomic factors that contribute and characterize the society we live in. Participants receive in depth knowledge about the history of Rockaway, contextualized through the Civil Rights Movement, while reinforced with a profound understanding of contemporary institutional racism and poverty.

This challenging series prepares participants with the formidable duties and responsibilities RYTF membership demands. Formulated, developed and taught by Arielle Newton, Jazmine Outlaw, and Khaleel Anderson, this first series was extremely successful.

Recent graduates will now advance to Junior Membership. At this stage, Junior Members will go through three four-month cycles: Stronger Schools, Food Justice and Youth Engagement. The upcoming Stronger Schools cycle will mostly focus on participatory budgeting, the democratic process by which community residents decide how $1million is spent in their neighborhoods and schools. Junior Members will educate, train and engage with young people within the Rockaway school system throughout the PB process.

We're very excited for this first wave of Junior Membership. As we grow as an organization, we believe that constant innovation is necessary for astronomical success. If you're a young person who lives in Rockaway, and are interested in joining RYTF, please fill out an application here!