Far Rockaway High School Basketball Team Stands Undefeated


Far Rockaway High School’s basketball team, the Sea Horses, stand undefeated 14-0 this season, guaranteeing themselves a spot in the playoffs. Long-time coach Mark Bacchus inspires and motivates the team through promoting a spirit of trust, friendship, and brotherhood amongst the players. He is also uncompromising when it comes to the team members maintaining at least an 80 grade-point average.

The team’s star players include 6-foot-5 center/forward Chad Zamor, a senior and one of the team leaders, 6-foot-4 front-court enforcer Kai Woods, a sophomore who at 16 is the youngest starter on the team, and 6-foot-3 shooting guard Allen Fordham, a junior who averages a team-best 19 points per contest.