Mayor Announces Bike Share Expansion

Dockless public bike sharing starts this summer, and we’re excited to see how New Yorkers embrace this new service.
— Mayor de Blasio

During a press conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that Rockaway will be one of the communities receiving dockless bike share pilots. Dockless bike-share lets you pick up and drop off a bicycle at bike racks, on the sidewalk, or any designated area without needing to find a specific docking station. Bikes can be rented via mobile phone for one or two dollars per ridePilots will start to appear in June of this year.

“We are bringing new, inexpensive transportation options to neighborhoods that need them. Dockless public bike sharing starts this summer, and we’re excited to see how New Yorkers embrace this new service,” said de Blasio.

JUMP bikes, a Brooklyn-based bike sharing company.

JUMP bikes, a Brooklyn-based bike sharing company.

“By bringing the bike share program to Rockaway, the city is taking a positive step towards allowing residents in all boroughs to participate and enjoy in the successful dockless bike service,” said State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. “I thank the city administration, especially the NYC DOT and NYC Parks Department, for selecting Rockaway and enabling our residents to expand their enjoyment of the peninsula and its boardwalk.”

According to a timeline laid out by the Department of Transportation, the process will begin in June. The DOT will present their plans to Community Board 14 and establish final boundaries for each of the pilot areas. During this period the DOT will also be scouting companies for the bike share initiative in each area. Bikes will start to arrive on a rolling basis in July, including pedal-asset bicycles for the handicapped. DOT will evaluate companies’ compliance with pilot requirements regarding user privacy and data accessibility, as well as the safety, durability, and availability of the actual bikes. In the fall, local stakeholders will vote to decide whether to extend or discontinue the pilots based on performance and decide if additional pilot programs should be set up in other areas.

“With no better time than summer to hop on a bike, we at DOT are excited to bring bike share to more of New York City,” said DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg in a statement.  “We will take what we learn over the next few months to make informed, clear-eyed decisions as to whether New York City’s bike-share future is dockless.  In the meantime, we strongly encourage New Yorkers to get out this summer and explore some great neighborhoods by bike — and of course, give us their feedback on the dockless experience.”