ROPE Charter School of STEM for Girls

What if there was a world with more women receiving degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields? That can become a reality simply by starting to introduce STEM options to girls at young ages — which is what Rite of Passage Empowerment (ROPE) Charter School of STEM for girls would like to accomplish. The school is scheduled to open in Rockaway in Fall 2019. Their mission involves social responsibility, and creating the best environment for potential students to be global citizens. By providing courses dedicated to computer science and engineering this can be a future to look forward to. ROPE Charter School of STEM for girls focuses on building students that can be the change the world sees, by providing a sense of worldliness and skills for college readiness.

Temaris Moore, the current lead applicant for Head of School, is in talks with multiple developers in the Rockaway area to select the best location for the school. ROPE plans to start by teaching girls ages K-2 and eventually expand to K-5 for a total of almost 500 students.

The ROPE Charter School of STEM for girls aims to teach college preparatory skills starting with kindergarten students, such as “study skills and time management.” Ultimately Moore is pushing to reach students at young ages to gauge their interest in S.T.E.M. programs in the hopes “to contribute to the betterment of the world at large.”


Moore is trying to gain support for the upcoming school by going to community board meetings and talking to community leaders. With over 150 parents already interested in this school opening in the Rockaways, it seems that this new charter school can be a possibility. With the understanding that there is obviously an issue facing young women and their involvement in STEM options, it would be answering a clear social need. Most young women have an interest in STEM programs starting at age 11, but with the lack of resources available to them, the interest starts drop by age 15. Moore wants to change the playing field in which young ladies can’t be part of the ever-growing industry due to the lack of resources at young ages.

STEM isn’t the only thing that young women aren’t often included in; Moore notes that women are also underrepresented in a majority of sports. The ROPE School wants to change that by adding opportunities for equestrian competition, swimming and even fencing. “We are keen to expose women to sports that usually aren’t for women in the first place.” said Moore.

That doesn’t mean that the students will lose out on the core curriculum such as english, math and art in their everyday studies. In fact, Moore has conducted some research on the amount of time spent on each subject — students will spend “up to 600 minutes a week towards ELA, 300 minutes towards math and 400 minutes to STEM related subjects” and will also have “double art periods” on a weekly cycle.

The ROPE School also places an importance on building social/emotional skills in these students, which they can use outside of the school environment. Moore plans to teach her students a social/emotional skill every morning, which will in turn help with their goal of developing children into global citizens.

This school can have a bright future in the area by accomplishing their long list of goals and being the new start in creating the standard for quality education in Far Rockaway. With this progressive charter school in progress we can finally see a world with more CEO’s in STEM oriented fields.