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Rockaway's School to Prison Pipeline

Last year, video showing South Carolina school officer Ben Fields manhandling a female student went viral, sparking outrage across the country. According to reports, the student was asked to leave the classroom and when she refused the officer was called in to assist with the situation. In the video, which starts just before the situation turns violent, you can see the student is calm and non-confrontational. So why was such force used?

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Where Is Our Right To Know?

Last week, the City Council and NYPD reached an agreement on police reform. The Right to Know Act has, for the most part, been put on hold. The Right to Know Act would have reformed police interactions with civilians, requiring officers to identify themselves and provide their name, rank, command and phone number for the Civilian Complaint Review Board at the end of encounters that do not result in an arrest or summons, as well as providing a specific reason for their law enforcement activity.

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