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Rockaway Land, Food & Health

Far Rockaway is a federally-labeled food desert, meaning that residents do not have consistent access to fresh fruits and vegetables or healthy food options. Lack of income can make it even more difficult for residents to navigate a food desert. Especially on a peninsula where the median income is $29,000, the cheapest option available is often the least healthy choice.

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A Garden Without Community

Community gardens and urban farms are essential to a community’s health in underserved New York City neighborhoods. Especially in food deserts like Far Rockaway, where there is very little access to fresh, organic produce, community gardens and urban farms play a pivotal role in providing families with healthy, home-grown food that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

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Locally Sourced Hot Sauce is Coming to Queens!

Queens, New York— On June 22, 2017, Small Axe Peppers unveiled its latest venture, Queens 7 Hot Sauce, during a community kickoff event at the Queens Botanical Gardens. Small Axe Peppers, the creators and founders of the popular Bronx Hot Sauce, announced their partnership with community gardens and urban farms across the borough and their excitement to bottle the taste of Queens into a new unique hot sauce.

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