Impact Of Social Media

Many of us are aware of the impact social networking sites have had on our lives. Social networking sites are usually seen as a place to connect with friends and joke about the next trending topic, yet they can do much more; they can bring together a community.

There are dozens of popular groups and fan pages on social networking sites dedicated to artists, actors and politicians, and many users often ‘like’ or ‘follow’ their favorite celebrity on the web, but community building has emerged as the newest object of social networking enthusiasm. We live, work and play in our neighborhoods but now we tweet about it, too.

Far Rockaway’s Facebook page has over 9,000 ‘likes,’ people in Far Rockaway are showing solidarity as a neighborhood. People use the page for various reasons: share community events, complain about city developments and even organize rallies to save Peninsula Hospital. Other groups based in Far Rockway, such as the Rockaway Youth Task Force, which boasts over 800 friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, are bridging the gap between members of the community.

More people, especially the youth of Far Rockaway, are becoming more active in their neighborhoods with the help of social networking. These sites are renewing interest in the community and local organizations should utilize social networking as a means of revitalizing the Rockaways. The importance of social networking as a tool of community organizing cannot be stressed enough.