Why We Need The Q52 Extended

For years having to take that route was a huge disadvantage, it would take me almost two hours to get to the movies, the mall or just to see my friends who lived in places like Jamaica or Astoria. Since the introduction of the Q52 I have been able to cut my travel time in half, and while the bus stop is only a five minute walk from my home, there is still a large part of the community that can’t reap the benefits.

With the last stop being at 67th St. the Q52 only services 20 percent of the Rockaway population, extending the route would bring faster service to an area where almost half of the households lack personal vehicles, and where workers rely on transit for their commutes which often take an hour or more.

The extension would provide faster service and a one-seat ride to over 61,000 Rockaway residents who currently only have local service on the Q22 and the inconsistent Far Rockaway A train. Extending the bus line would provide residents with multiple options and would potentially lead to less crowding on buses and trains.
But most importantly the extension would provide Rockaway youth, who come from low to moderate income families, with direct access to central Queens, providing an easier and faster route to schools, various activities and job opportunities.

Thus, we ask for the support of Rockaway, New York City, and the World in our push to extend vital service to Rockaway residents.

Milan TaylorComment