Valentine's Day Massacre 2018


On February 14, 2018, a gunman managed to make his way into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and take the lives of seventeen young, innocent and rising stars as well as phenomenal teachers, all of whom died as heroes. There are also other students, teachers and staff members who were injured, and they are certainly heroes as well. The rifle which was used was an AR-15 – a weapon of war. What does that tell us? Apparently, anyone in this country can purchase a gun of any kind, despite age or background. Leadership is needed in The United States of America not only on gun control, but other issues which affect every single individual in this country daily, particularly health care. And speaking of health care, more attention should be paid to cases in which individuals who are mentally disturbed are monitored, so that tragedies never take place.

There should be a nationwide ban on guns, and restrictions should be imposed when it comes to the sales of guns. Washington should save their thoughts and prayers, and instead take action, so that our innocent children and adults are safe at all times. Is this country on its way to seriously being prepared so that another tragedy like this never occurs again? Columbine, Sandy Hook, Pulse Nightclub, Vegas – just to name a few. We have had far too many mass shootings in this country. Is it not time for a wake-up call? Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, innocent children and young adults – the massive loss of life is too high a price to pay.

Republicans have blood on their hands, whilst leaders of other nations make sure they have laws which are far better than ours when it comes to safety. The problem is, our leadership is lax when it comes to gun laws. The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, all of Europe and quite a lot of countries around the world do not have massacres to the same extent as we do – they hardly ever have mass shootings in schools. It is practically an epidemic in our nation, sadly. However, we can put an end to it, if the correct form of action is taken. You want to make America great again, Mr. President? Well, do your job – don't allow parents to lose their children or children to lose their parents – don't allow any valuable lives to be lost. It's time you had the guts to do the right thing. Stop tweeting, and start creating proper policies. Ninety-seven percent of people in America say that they want a change in gun policies – save this country, for goodness' sake. Especially our children, for they are the future – if they are not taken away soon as they should not be, they will be the future leaders of this great land. The world is watching us, and if America is to be an example to the world, then the president must get off his high horse and do his job. Stoneman Douglas survivors have received very little feedback from the president and other politicians, particularly Republicans, since the shooting. They simply cannot make proper decisions. As for the president, tweeting is not the way to lay out your policies, as it gives a false impression that everything will be done. But the administration always has an excuse; therefore, anything which has been promised to the American people has been put on the backburner. President Trump has disgraced the administration – he believes in a Donkey Kong diplomacy.

On February 21, 2018, CNN hosted a town hall on gun policy in America. The survivors, as well as the grieving parents of students who unfortunately lost their lives, took the platform and expressed their views with burning passion. What an amazing and phenomenal new crop of young people. They feel the pain and they are grieving for their friends whom they loved and whom were taken away untimely by a disturbed young man. What those young students did was compelling – with no fear whatsoever, they are saying it is time for change. We look forward to this new generation of activism, for change is progress.

This is a message to the young people of Far Rockaway, to be aware and fight for a cause which affects all of us in this nation. Gun control must take precedence. As a community, you are your brother's keeper. Get involved with law enforcement and community agencies, listen to the news, and keep up with what's happening in your country. If we all get together and work hard enough, we can eradicate the problems which lead to unnecessary tragedies.