October 28, 2021
Varney rips Biden admin over supply chain bottlenecks: Where is Pete Buttigieg?

Varney rips Biden admin over supply chain bottlenecks: Where is Pete Buttigieg?

FOX Enterprise’ Stuart Varney, throughout his newest “My Take” on “Varney & Co.,” slams President Biden for his method to the supply chain and power issues going through America.


STUART VARNEY: The president has a behavior of blaming others when issues go fallacious. 

He is at it once more. He says he’ll “call out” the personal sector if they do not step as much as repair the supply-chain issues on the port of Los Angeles. 

Wait a minute! It wasn’t the personal sector that created this mess. It’s the federal government and the unions!

We have been reporting on the backlog of ships and containers for months. And through all that point, the port was closed at night time and regularly on weekends too! Ports in Asia keep open 24/7, however the Longshoremen’s Union has been saying “No, can’t do that!” 

Biden has gone all-out to assist huge labor, however he’ll blame the personal sector if the mess on the LA port is not cleared up.

His supply chain activity pressure has been assembly because the spring. The port backlog has steadily gotten worse, and the president has solely simply gotten spherical to a repair.  

Where’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg? Have not heard a lot from him, besides his all-important local weather opinions. 

Where’s the Secretary of Labor? I suppose he is been busy with the persistent labor scarcity

No one will get fired from this cupboard. 

If Trump had been president, heads would have rolled by now. He would most likely be on the port himself. 

We will settle for a level of incompetence in any administration. However blaming others for that incompetence is simply dishonest.

Biden blamed the Afghans for our lethal and chaotic withdrawal.

Biden blamed Trump for the border disaster.

He blames the unvaccinated. He blames border guards. 

And now, having blamed fossil fuels for the “climate crisis,” he is begging the oil corporations to lift manufacturing as a result of power worth inflation is hurting him politically.

This is an incompetent and dishonest administration, and there is nonetheless three extra years of it to return. 

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